The game

Fody's Journey is an arcade game challenging your reactivity, your dexterity and your competitive spirit.

Fly or dive with Fody, a little fearless fish who browse the endless oceans!

Avoid the seagulls who will want to eat you. Dodge the sharks if you don't want to finish as a snack and pay attention to the numerous hurdle that will show up on our little friend's way.

And you, how far can you bring Fody?

How to play

In the sky, Fody will fall naturally. Click on the screen to make him fly. Fody can fly for a limited time and then need to swim to reload its stamina

In the water, the commands are reversed ; Fody will naturally try to go to the sky again. Click on the screen to make him swim deeper.


This is our first game. We need any feedback so we can improve both our team and this game ! Thanks for your support !

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